HOSPECO Brands Group is committed to processing your orders quickly and accurately and encourages the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) as the best way to accomplish this. The use of EDI eliminates the need to manually rekey orders and invoices, thus saving time and reducing errors. HOSPECO Brands Group has EDI relationships with most of the larger distributors in the JanSan industry and scores of medium to smaller sized distributors as well. The information below provides some of the basics for EDI. Please use this contact information to get this process started.

HOSPECO Brands Group EDI download PDF

David Thompson 216-535-4350 x261
Sterling Commerce
Up to 5010
01 / 007900020 both Test and Production

Private Label

At HOSPECO Brands Group, we understand how important it is to have your name on a product and we have options you can tailor to best fit your business and your budget. The attached brochure outlines our Private Label program. Please contact your HOSPECO Brands Group Sales Representative to get started.

Drop Ship/Blind Ship

HOSPECO Brands Group offers Drop Ship and Blind Ship expertise to help you service your customers with no minimums or restrictions. Drop Ship orders are processed as Prepay and Add, and orders can be Blind Shipped to include your company name on the packing lists to further strengthen your customer relationship. Combined with HOSPECO Brands Group's expertise in processing both large and small shipments, Drop Ship/Blind Ship can be an effective way for distributors to manage inventories and service your customers. Please contact your HOSPECO Brands Group Sales Representative to learn more.

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